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Welcome to the finest in sophistication, taste and freshness...................welcome to Al Kawther Water Treatment W.L.L.

Al Kawther Water Treatment with a brand name Qatarat uses the best possible means to give you the highest water quality possible. The most advanced water processing technologies, state-of-the-art-dispensers, guaranteed reliable service and delivery combine to give you the cleanest and healthiest drinking Water. Qatarat every drop follows the highest industry Standards;

The highest Water Level..


Mr. Waleed Fahad Al Mana
Owner of the company.

A Graduate of Bachelor in Art , University of Qatar in 1988 ,He received his Masters Degree in Mass Communication from Marshal University, West Virginia USA in 1994.

Eng.Hmid Agban
General Manger

A Graduate of B.S.C Honor Degree in Chemical Engineering with highly specialized in Handling of Chemical and Physical test for designing stage of the Products and with a decidedly experienced in Managing in Mineral Water Production Industry.


Establishment …………. 1999
Location………….Qatar/Industrial area S/No.36-G/No.96
Name of Company………… Alkawther Water Treatment
Legal States…………….. W.L.L Company Supported by the government policy and 1975-commercial law as wholly local national owned manufacturer.
Business Scope…………………..Producing, Selling & Distributing 5 Gallon Mineral Water selling mineral Water Accessories, Selling Water Treatment accessories.
Type of product……………Bottled Mineral Water
Total Assets………………3,546,975
Main Business…………..Bottling Water?
Capital………………… QAR6,500,000
No. of Employee…………………..above 100
Import export permit……………………….yes
Production technique………With the most advanced water purification systems Bottling &filtering of water.
Type of service……………………Manufacturer, Bottler, Seller & Distributer.
Current distribution rate……………….13,000BTL/Day

Structure of the company

Al –Kawther Water Treatment Company run it is own builder factory in the Doha industrial area which is water purification and bottling plant, as the company sales and distributes the mineral water products and it is accessories all around Qatar. General Manager is held exclusively responsible for daily management. The main departments include the Production Dept., General Manager’s Office, Sales Dept., Dept. of personnel & Administration section; purchase Dept., of Finance, and Dept. of Technical Support.

Brief history of the company

Al-Kawther Water Treatment W.L.L establish in 1999 with a branch of Al-Waleed Trading- International, that owned by Mr. Waleed Fahad Al Mana. It is 100% local national company.

Qatarat’s products lead the competition to a certain extent in the domestic market. In spite of the fact that its price is so competitive, it has some attractiveness to most of customers who are interested at water quality.

The market share of the company is growing day after day although it was the first of the local companies that producing the 5-gallon size of the mineral water, the product of brand name (Qatarat), introduced to the local market with an accelerating acceptance, start at June 2000, and the distribution value is cross from zero to more than 10000 bottles per day allow average leads to more than 30% share-market.


Al-Kawther Water Treatment W.L.L. is established in 1999 as a branch of Al-Waleed Trading- International that is owned by Mr. Waleed Fahad Al Mana. It is 100% local company.


Qatarat Water is processed using the most advanced multimedia purification processes. On top of that, the most efficient sterilization methods such as UV and OZONE purification, on line systems, fully automated filling and packing guarantee that the water Qatarat bottles is Free from Bacterial or other Contamination.

Qatarat Water is Chlorine Free, and has well balanced minerals ensuring fresh testing refreshing Water.

Qatarat five Gallon Clear bottles are specially treated according to the highest standard of Hygiene. Each bottles has a temper-proof seal to assure you of consistent high quality

Sales & Distribution

The market share of the company is growing day after day although it was the first of the local companies that produces five-gallon size of pure drinking water. The product’s brand name is Qatarat, introduced to the local market with an accelerating acceptance, start of 1999, and the distribution was from zero to more than 10,000 bottles per day as of now as average leads to more than 30% share-market.

Other products of pure drinking water accessories are water dispensers, cup dispensers and hand pumps is also distributed by the company in the local market with a Reasonable affordable cost.

That effort in sales and distribution is always supported by the government policy and 1975 Commercial Law as Al-Kawther is a national manufacturer.


The products hygienity is achieved by passing through Different types and treatment actions, softener techniques: well controlling Water Hardness and of course the Reverse Osmosis: for minerals equilibrium methods followed by well disinfecting.

UV-L and the generation of Ozone on-line. The free home delivery of (Qatarat) conjugated to the high level of services that applied for the different doors of offices and residents inside the Doha city or outside, covering most of the country areas is leading to the big grow of (Qatarat) consumers, Almost the brand is used in all government doors like: Diwan Amiri, Ministry of Municipality, Min of Awgaf & Islamic Affairs, Min of Education.

Human Resource

The company employee chart includes a reputed experienced chemical, electrical and mechanical engineers so as to recover the requirements of duties keeping the products stock under the customers inquiries all the time.

The lab technician is practiced to direct the quality in the WHO as the Gulf Standards.

More than 60 distributors’ series of drivers and helpers are equipped to cover the company distribution chart all around Qatar focusing on the Qatar projects and our big customers that is directed by well experienced customer service officers.

The company depends now a day on more than 30 delivery trucks fully covered to avoid the product from subjecting to the direct sun rays.

Qatarat News

Analysis of industrial comparison and future plan

Since Al-Kawther Water Treatment Company directed by well experienced customer service officers & production expertise as a result we cover wide market share comparing to other competitors.

Al-Kawther Water Treatment Company is pleased to inform the new planed plant for producing small sizes of Qatarat mineral water bottles ranged from 330ml to 1.5 Liters in addition planning to double the current 5-gallon plant which will be functional at the end of this year 2009. This new Plant is of total investment QAR25 Million and of 5 million /year Production Capacity.

Our new factory is located in New Industrial Area which is solely owned by Mr. Waleed Fahad Al Mana, Our new store will offer a complete and diverse line of Qatarat Bottled Drinking Water for both your Family and in your Business area. The products that we carry are compatible with. We are therefore able to offer to our customers a wide range of distribution Net Work.

Customer Service

At Al- Kawther Water Treatment W.L.L. we believe in providing a level of service that exceeds our customer's expectations. We measure customer satisfaction collectively but provide it individually. Improving customer satisfaction always starts on how we treat the individual.

We welcome all of your inquiries and suggestions, so please either contact us by phone or fax at the below numbers:
Phone: (974) 460-3031/460-3609
Fax: (974) 460-4159
Or simply email us: info@qataratwater.com